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Welcome To Spirits Of The Earth....We are a husband and Wife Team That make candles, Essential Oils and dry home grown herbs...we will try to keep you up to date with our products as we get them done!

I am from the Ozark Mountain Area but was transplanted as a child to the Iowa area....hubby is from the Titonka area....and seperately we have lived in many areas before we met in the Iowa City area and got married....I have been growing things ever since I could dig in the dirt.....and hubby got into herbs before we met...

Most of our stuff is very traditional...goes back to stories that my grandparents told me as a child or things that they taught me as a child...They got married a long long time ago and lived in an area that was not dependent on electricity until the 1950's or 1960's....and so they made do with other ways until then...My grandfather cut down trees and made his own boards and then made furniture...I am very proud of the stuff my grandparents did...I know they weren't perfect people....But they had a hard row without many of the modern conveniences that we live with now a days...and they raised 12 children.....

The New Sign will show you the items that are most recently added! Please look for this sign on each web page! These are items you may not find any place else! We try to come up with unique ideas to add every month!

the past/the present/the future

White Glass Bouncing Crystal Ball
  Occasionally- I make a candle for an individual and because of the fragile mold- it will be a one of a kind item....these will be in the photo album....enjoy looking there! Also- I will be adding pictures from previous shows here....hope you enjoy them....Blessings to your home.....
Well everyone in the neighborhood knows I grow roses....and have since (as grandma used to say) I was knee high to a grass hopper! I am rather proud of my roses and hope you like them also!
And if you are looking for plants- I can suggest a friend of ours- she runs the Blue River down the road- just head towards Kalona on Hwy 1 and she'll be on your left....she's great!!!!Tell her I sent you!  And say hi to the dogs for me! Please be careful on that road- it's got horse and buggies...and if the kids have never seen one- take them for the ride! It's a treat!!!to show them....

We did the Moline/Rock Island Show at the KOA fairgrounds this past week end....Camping out with freezing temps brings out the best or the worst in people and in Ren Faire people- it seems to bring out the best! Let me add a side note here- I am speaking of the vendors, the volunteers, the players, the food merchants, the families of the above.....I have never met a group of people that come from all walks of life that pull together when the going gets rough to make best out of bad situtation! It is the one thing that keeps us coming back to the shows time after time...and if we didn't have a booth....we would be there to support them just as customers! We also got lots of pics that I will be adding to our photo album (link on home page) just as soon as I can!

Well, The Ren Faire in Amana had it's bad parts this year......we had one day of almost solid rain! Yet we must say this about the Ren Faire People...if you have to be stuck away from home with people and rain pouring down in solid sheets! They are the BEST!!!! Sorry I don't have pics to post....the camera got broke...won't go there.....BUT it was a GLORIOUS show with the REN FAIRE people!

Recently we went to HOBO DAYS in Britt Iowa! It was very interesting....learned quite a bit! It is held every August! I would Highly recommend it for parents to take their children to learn about History in a very easy format! thank you People of Britt!

We had a great time at the Des Moines Ren Faire- even with the problems getting there! And as you can see- we even killed hubby! It was all good clean fun! We saw some friends from the Amana Ren Faire and made some new ones! Just because the Ren Faires are over for this year- doesn't mean we are done selling! Look for our candles on auctions or place an order!

We went to the Iowa Renaissance at Amana - Labor Day weekend...and had a great time.....We saw some interesting costumes and made some new friends....and hope to see them again!

We were allowed the privilage of seeing skills that we have not seen for a long time or ever seen before! It was a huge learning exerpence on our part....and we would like to thank the people that we met! And we are so glad that we were allowed to participate!

There was a beautiful woman in a fairy costume going around the fair....bestowing fairy treats on everyone!

Amana Ren Faire 2004


our booth at the KOA fairgrounds

Amana Ren Faire 2005

Amana Ren Faire 2005

Hobo Days 2005

Des Moines Ren Faire 2004/we killed hubby

Amana Ren Faire 2004

Amana Ren Faire 2004

Amana Ren Faire 2004

Amana Ren Faire 2004

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