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We grow and dry our own herbs the way my grandfather taught me....We are organic growers...I learned it from my grandparents before there was such a word for it....My grandparents just taught me that what you put into the soil-is what you got out of it....and if you used a lot of chemicals - that is what you got....Even though we live in the city...we have a compost pile and other things that we use that are natural for the ground...and gardens!


         We have Chocolate Mint for Sale...this is a low calorie way to satisfy the chocoholic in all of   you can add this to brownies...cookies, teas, coffees, and tastes great without the added calories!

    We also have Apple Mint ....which most people don't need a description for...yet it is another mint that can be used for teas, cookies, brownies....and is great to experiment with!

    Snappy Spearmint grows well for us also.. and is great as a traditional tea...additive for many baking items....and some say slightly addictive! Also a nice Wicca herb!

    Who can leave out Peppermint? This herb is wonderful! A fantastic tea....a great add to brownies, cookies...or any other baked goods that you would like to try...Also a nice Wicca Herb!

   Oregano! The backbone of Italian cooking....yet this herb has many other uses also! So many I could almost write a book...

   Marjoram- oh the list of uses of this herb! It has been in use for centuries.... and will be for many more....


I will be adding to this list as we dry our herbs and get them bagged up...these are all fresh and out of the garden!